Legacy Aviation 120" Turbo Bushmaster on floats!!


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How about a few relaxing clips of the 120" Turbo Bushmaster on floats?! Powered by the mighty XPWR 60cc brushless motor and Castle 160 HV on 12s, all 32lbs of Bushmaster on floats putts around like a dream but with power to spare whenever I pushed the throttle!!

Not quite available yet but coming soon and set up as follows:

XPWR 60cc Electric Motor
Castle Creations Phoenix Edge 160 HV ESC
Falcon Carbon Fiber 26x8 ELECTRIC
Pulse 6s2p 5500mah 65c LiPo (flight packs)
Pulse 2s 2550 15c LiPo (receiver packs)
Spektrum 12 channel powersafe receiver
Savox SV-1270TG servos

Date Added: 2019-06-07

Category: Alaska

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pop fiber fun

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