The Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse LIVE!! January 20, 2019


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The moon will pass through Earth's shadow tonight in the only total lunar eclipse of 2019 and you won't want to miss it! If you do, you'll have to wait two years for the next one. And if you're in North America, you'd have to wait even longer, until 2022!

The partial stage of the lunar eclipse begins at 10:34 p.m. EST Sunday night (0334 GMT Monday morning) with the total eclipse beginning at 11:41 p.m. EST (0441 GMT Monday morning). Totality lasts for about an hour, and then the moon will exit the partial eclipse phase at 1:51 a.m. EST Monday morning (0651 GMT).

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Scope Operation: Paul- Miami FL
Celestron 4" Telescope
Meade 12" 305mm LX90
Meade 10" Scope
Celestron 8"HD
Celestron CPC 10" Scope
Celestron CPC 11" Scope
Meade 12" (3800)
80mm ED Carbon Fiber For Wide Field Viewing
Celestron 130mm Refractor Medium
Coronado 40mm, 480 focal length Solar Scope
Completely Custom Broadcasting Camera
**plus some secret attachments :)**

Imaging and Optics: Keith- Pennsylvania
YouTube Operation, Social Media Manager
NASA OnEarth Imaging software
FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) Software
DON 3.1
Stellarium (For cross referencing)
Nasa EYES (For cross referencing)
(These are not all used during streaming, some are used in Post and/or Setup)

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