What's New: Blackberry OS 10.3.3 Update [2017]


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We take a closer examination of Blackberry OS 10.3.3
Find OS 10 devices here: https://goo.gl/d70bi4

List of revised features in 10.3.3:
General OS

Landscape everything.*
More USB devices support
Ability to use game pads in hub and homescreen*
Keyboard shortcuts for external keyboards*
Support for extra buttons and keys on mice and keyboards
Font options, custom system fonts
Message and keyboard theming


Ability to apply filters on emails without going to Web*
3rd party apps in blend
Ability to see phone logs (for app errors, kernel errors, etc)
Separate core apps, headless, and active frame apps*
Ability to restart core apps and services without restarting the entire phone.
CPU graph; network graph;


Chosen alignment (choose where icons are aligned)
Ability to choose where new apps are put*
Ability to hide app icons

Personal assistant

*Friendly device name
Voice that sounds less robotic
Ability to play Playlists by voice*
Landscape trailers movie details
If I ask what a word means, add it to personal dictionary*


A, B, and C destinations*
Multiple route options (e.g. Google maps)
Change starting locations
Bus routes and walking*
Different or better maps data, or ability to choose maps

Lock screen

Playbook style screen wake swipe (any edge to any edge)*
New unlock swipe animation
Ability to choose date/time location*
*Improved story maker /video editor
Don’t require a beginning and end slide
Don’t require filters and transitions

Music app

Edit music tags
Automatic album art retrieval*
Custom equalizers*

photos app

Choose which default editor app
Choose different layouts*
Preview pane
Password for hidden photos


Manual focus, iso, etc
Real time filters *
Up and down panoramic


Drag and drop copying!*
Password support for zip folders*
.7z ,.rar, and tarball support*
Ability to browse other BlackBerrys file systems
FTP, samba, etc support*
Third party plug in support (no more separate file browsers)
File system details within app (free space, music count, pictures count, etc)*
Format USB drives
Make symlinks /shortcuts

Android runtime

Mouse support
Edit app permission*
Weather app

Ability to view multiple towns at once.*
Update the interface,*
Live weather icon that shows current (like the calender)

Remember app

Be able to swipe back and forth between tasks and notes*
Ability to move to Evernote after saving
Sync with OneNote
Tasks show up in hub (with calendar events when you pull down)*

Docs to Go

Ability to put passwords and encryption on documents*
Tab button for indention!*
Ability to use our own fonts!*

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