12 Strange Things You Will Only See in China


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The Chinese always seem to have something unexpected up their sleeve that the rest of the world can only gape at. Who replaced police dogs? Who can sit in a traffic jam instead of you? What to do if you don't have a boyfriend? We found a bunch of weird stuff most of us have never heard of that are actually a thing in China.

Geese replaced police dogs 0:26
Pigeons are used to send messages 0:58
Canned air 1:20
Time zones 1:38
Ghost cities 2:03
Nail houses 2:24
Traffic jam stand-ins 2:39
The Chinese can nap anywhere 3:09
Facekinis 3:27
Wearing pajamas in public 3:41
Cockroach farming 3:54
Women rent boyfriends 4:27

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- In some parts of the country, geese are used as an aid in law enforcement. According to a Chinese police chief, geese are very vigilant and brave.
- A special unit of the People’s Liberation Army is training 10 thousand birds to deliver critical messages in emergency situations.
- The smog levels in China are extremely high, so manufacturers seriously sell cans of fresh air in several different flavors.
- When the Communist Party started ruling in China, they made the entire country live in a single time zone. The problem is that in some parts of the country the Sun doesn’t rise until 10 am!
- China’s housing market is so fast-paced that there are entire ghost-cities across the country. They have everything: roads, malls, apartment building, but no people.
- Some residents refuse to give up their place, and nobody can make them do it. You can literally live in the only apartment in your building!
- If you are late for work because of a traffic jam, you can always call a that will send two people.
- The Chinese can nap anywhere. They can have a noontime nap in any place: on trees, on the furniture they sell, on a motorcycle.
- People in China don’t like suntans, so to preserve their natural pale complexion, they put facekinis when going to the beach.
- Even if you are a grown-up man, it’s okay for you to go outside your house wearing pajamas with cute little kittens.
- If you are trying to eliminate cockroaches from your house, maybe you need to take a moment to reconsider. The insects are specially bred and used in Chinese medicine.
- In China, there is a way to get rid of these annoying questions — rent a boyfriend.

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