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Ah, India… The land of wonders. If you’ve ever been to this country or maybe you’re only thinking about visiting it, then you’re bound to fall in love with it. On a larger scale (that is, when we’re talking about whole nations, not just tourists), there’s a lot of love for India as well. So which countries share affection with the land of spices?

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Afghanistan 0:29
Myanmar 1:19
Maldives 2:14
Sri Lanka 3:07
Australia 3:47
Japan 4:34
Singapore 5:30
Thailand 6:05
South Korea 6:59
Jamaica 7:42
France 8:22
The UK 9:00
Iran 9:47

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- Relations between India and Afghanistan have been friendly for decades. India was among the first to recognize the republic in the 1980s, and since then, they’ve been really close, giving each other a helping hand when needed.
- Sharing a 1,020 mile long border, India and Myanmar have strong historical bonds, so naturally, they can’t but have at least some kind of relationship.
- India was the first to recognize the independence of Maldives in 1966 when it broke off from Great Britain.
- Despite the numerous problems and tension they had between them before, India and Sri Lanka’s relations have improved a lot in recent decades.
- Given that both India and Australia belong to the Commonwealth of Nations, it isn’t at all strange that they have a lot in common. They both once belonged to the British Empire, so there are lots and lots of cultural links between the countries.
- History proves that nothing could lessen the warmth between Japan and India. They really are a great example of strong cooperation and partnership.
- With its position as a hugely important trading post, Singapore was rather vulnerable when it gained independence in 1965. All kinds of countries wanted it to become part of them, but only India offered a helping hand and an alliance, not a merger.
- India had a huge influence on Thailand’s culture, and some of its ethics are even taught in Thai schools.
- Any South Korean citizen can travel to India without a visa and receive it upon arrival to the country.
- Jamaica is another country on my list that’s had many ties to India since the times of the British Empire. Like Australia, Jamaica belongs to the Commonwealth of Nations, and they like cricket!
- France is one of the few countries that seem to support India in all its endeavors.
- The number of British-Indian citizens is steadily growing: today, there are about 2 million Indian people living permanently in the UK.
- A public poll conducted in 2005 showed that 71% of Iranians viewed India positively, which is definitely the overwhelming majority!

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