$600 surprise for Indian family


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■ INDIA, AHMEDABAD: After the epic hospitality this Indian family you see in the thumbnail showed me whilst touring their home in one of Ahmedabad's roughest neighborhoods, there was never really any doubt as to whether I was going to give them a little token of my appreciation. The only question was how much?

Whilst eating dinner with them I had roughly $150 on me but decided to not hand over a single dollar. I know how people around the world and especially in Asia feel when it comes to these things. They don't act hospitable because they expect a reward but because of their belief in humanity. Handing over any sum upon my first visit would thus likely be construed as an insult regardless of how sorely it was needed. So I decided to walk out with the intention of coming back with a much larger sum.

I had not yet spent February's Patreon money (the money donated to me by Patreons from around the world which is all earmarked for giving to others I run into on my travels). This family was as worthy a candidate as I think I'll ever run into.

So after a brief trip back to my hotel room to get my credit card, off I went to the bank....

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