Achieve a 360-degree view with IBM Master Data Management

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No matter your business or industry, data is the key driver of insights, solutions, and results. But, data comes in various forms and is often stored and potentially duplicated in siloed applications. Many enterprises have multiple sources of competing data, making it hard to know which data set is relevant and accurate. Unless you have IBM Master Data Management, which is designed specifically to help you know your data, trust your data, and, use your data.

Master Data Management, or MDM, empowers you with trusted master data and a 360-degree view to drive better insights and business transformation. The solution is built on the flexibility of an open data platform with best-in-class security and governance to create a modern analytics enterprise foundation that meets the demands of your business - on premises, on cloud, and hybrid – at any scale.

MDM provides secure, governed self-service access to trusted data across the enterprise for experimentation and collaboration. Users can provision and operationalize data with graph-based exploration of master data transactional data and Hadoop to drive insights and analytics. With built-in consent management, they
can capture content to facilitate governance and adhere to regulatory compliance requirements. They can even optimize master data environments with agile and intuitive dashboards to proactively manage data and respond to changes.

MDM provides clean, consistent and timely information for big data projects … data that drives deeper insights into your customers, your products and your enterprise. The race for insights is on. Explore the IBM Unified Governance and Integration platform and learn how it can deliver a complete, governed, and trusted view of your customer and product data with Master Data Management solutions.

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