Alan Trajan Firm Roots 1969 UK, Folk , Psychedelic , Blues Rock


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Alan Trajan - Firm Roots 1969 (UK, Folk , Psychedelic , Blues Rock)

Alan Robertson was born in the town of Livingston, in the vicinity of Edinburgh. Even as a teenager, he became quite well-known pianist on the musical scene of Edinburgh. In the late 60s, he became friends with David McNiven, the folk trio leader (later the duet) "Bread, Love & Dreams", who brought Alan to the producer of the label "Decca" Ray Horricks, with whom the musician signed a recording contract and who persuaded Robertson take the pseudonym Trajan. In 1970, he establishes partnerships with Scottish blues singer Tam White and works with him before moving to London. In the capital, Alan Robertson plays a lot in various pubs and clubs, joins the George Melly’s Band, where he lost for many years. Unfortunately, the pernicious addiction to alcohol first led Alan to jail and, at the beginning of this century, to death from liver disease.


01. Speak To Me, Clarissa - 0:00

02. One Tends To Get Bitter Now And Again - 4:09

03. Thoughts - 6:28

04. Highway 51 Blues - 9:05

05. This’ll Drive You Off Your Head - 11:02

06. Mental Destruction - 13:18

07. Time - 15:53

08. Down River - 19:01

09. Corrinna, Corrinna - 22:45

10. This Might Be My Last Number - 25:25

11. Girl From The North Country - 27:55

12. Charles Russell, Gtr., Vcls. & Harmonica - 30:14


Alan Trajan - vocals, keyboards, organ, piano
Davy Graham - guitar
David McNiven - guitar, keyboards
Ray Horricks - producer

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