American Born Chinese vs. Chinese Chinese


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AngryGirlComics Artist Statement: "The comic is over three years old and it no longer reflects my views and opinions. Three years ago, I did not value the friendship of international Asian students, because I was indeed afraid that I would be seen as "too Asian", stemming from issues of internalized racism that many Asian Americans face growing up in an environment where most of the people they interact with do not share a similar culture with them. Now, of course, I do not hold those views anymore."
Hi all! Thanks for tuning in! We want to introduce to you two new friends, Yulie and Hongyi, who are our guests for this latest episode.
In this episod we invite two Chinese students who grew up here, or commonly known as ABCs. (American "born" Chinese) to share their experience and thoughts on intercultural communication.
Unlike the FOBs ( those who came to the U.S. recently, we call ourselves FOBs and apologize if you find the term offensive), they have perfect spoken English and are U.S. citizens. Nonetheless, they sometimes find that they are questioned and have to justify their belongingness.
These are important conversations we should have. In the second part of the ABC&FOB episode, we will explore more about the intricacies of racial identity, discrimination, belongingness and intercultural communication.
Alright, enough preaching. We hope you enjoy the episode and please please help us get better by leaving comments, suggestions and questions!

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