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Gene Futterman was a chef at Squires Restaurant in East Hampton, New York. He was famous for his elaborate dinner parties to which he often invited the young Adam Yauch (Beastie Boys) and his family. At these parties he would always say 'When two are served, you eat! You don't sit there and let your food get cold waiting for everybody to get served'. And so the Futterman Rule was born.

Many people have praised the Futterman rule for its artistic merit, not least Nathan Brackett when writing for Grand Royal magazine: "The elegance of Futterman's Rule does lend it a hint of spirituality. One eats one's food while it is hot, observing dinner as a natural continuum (instead of the top-down, 'no-one-eats-until-the-chef-is-ready' hierarchical model that dominates most households). At the same time, no one eats alone (it is only once two people are served, and a social base is established for those with food, that one may begin to eat). If form follows function, the Rule is built to travel. So give it a try. And if you like it, tell a friend."

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