Best Moments: Shia LaBeouf reacting to The Even Stevens Movie!

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This is the real reaction! :) For those of you wondering about my process/questioning or assuming this video is fake: I got the footage from this video: - It says in the description that The Even Stevens Movie is one of the films he watched during this 10 hour clip. Since I knew his reaction was in there, I skimmed through the video for the part of him laughing at the song at the end of the film (since that was an actual confirmed reaction to The Even Stevens Movie.) From there, I scrolled back until he sat down for the beginning of that movie. I imported a copy of the film, and synced it up with his reaction starting from when he sat down and lights started flashing. From there, I adjusted it until the flashes from the movie were exact with the flashes in the theater. I let it play, and could clearly tell it was accurate once I lined it up perfectly. I used the footage of him laughing at the song as an anchor point. It all lined up perfectly right up to that point and straight through the song/end of the movie. I exported the full reaction synced up, reimported it, and chopped up the best bits since YouTube wouldn't let me upload footage of the entire movie. It doesn't take a genius to look at the time stamps below in this description to tell that the light/colors are exactly in sync. So, yes. This is 100% accurate.

Not only that, I'm probably the biggest Even Stevens fan there is (I even run this website: - Just saying) therefore, I would never put up a fake video, or a video that I believe could be inaccurate. I was desperate to see his real reaction. Because apparently, no one else cares about this show/takes it seriously as much as I do.. so I could not find a legitimate synced reaction video. Just a bunch of parodies. It was extremely frustrating and sad knowing that he watched this movie of a show I love so much -- for the first time in over a decade -- and I couldn't see his reaction. So, I found it and synced it myself.

Look at 4:50 / 6:30 - 7:43 / 8:10 - 9:09 / 10:46 - End, for the most obvious examples of moments where the light/colors in the theater match up perfectly with the film. (Plus everyone clapping when the kiss happens, lol) Just pay attention to that throughout the video, it's very clear. Learn to not be so cynical. There are nice people like myself in the world who aren't out to trick you with a fake video. Just enjoy it.

Here's a condensed version of some of the best moments from #AllMyMovies! If you're like me and were super curious to see more of his reaction, here ya go! :) I took the liberty of syncing it up! It took forever, omg. It's so heartwarming and hilarious to see which parts he finds the funniest. And, seeing him looking back with fond memories and stuff. The experience seems to have made a big impact on him. I hope this helped him in some way. Even Stevens is my personal all time favorite early 2000s Disney Channel show. Shia's such a natural born comedian in my opinion (I wish he still did comedy today) - So, it was super nice to see he enjoyed watching it that much.

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