Black Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap Interior - 3M Di-Noc - Nissan Pathfinder

 Frontier Fiber

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3M DI-NOC CA-421 BLACK CARBON FIBER 4ft x 1ft Vinyl Wrap

3M DI-NOC CA-421 BLACK CARBON FIBER 2ft x 6ft Vinyl Wrap

Other types of vinyl color:
3M 1080 BR212 BRUSHED BLACK METALLIC 60"x12" Vinyl Wrap

3M 1080 Black Matte 1ft x 5ft Vinyl

3M 1080 G13 GLOSS HOT ROD RED 5ft x 1ft Vinyl

3M Adhesion Promoter Primer

Tacklife 1600W Variable Temperature Heat Gun HGP73AC

OLFA 5019 SVR-2 9mm Stainless Steel Knife

FOSHIO Black Card Squeegee With Green Micro-Fiber

IR Thermometer IR-60

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For the gear shift indicator light holes next to the shifter, there is a piece of clear acrylic piece under the panel. The clear piece under the holes is hot melted onto the larger piece.

What you need to do is slowly drill the top part of the two posts . Use a drill bit a bit larger than that hole. Drill just enough of the top of the posts until the piece will come out (don't drill through the entire piece). There are no glue or adhesive between the two pieces.

Once that is out, to wrap into the hole, use a heat gun to heat the material & stretch it. Push the material into the hole with something like the cap of a pen that will fit into the hole. Do that several times until it stretches and conforms a bit. Now you need to make multiple small relief cuts in the middle of the hole. Heat it one more time, and use your pinky finger to get it to stick into the hole, and wrap the small little corners of the relief cut underneath. Do that for each hole. If you concerned it might lift later, you can put a bit of crazy glue underneath on the edges.

For the clear plate, place the piece back on, and use some clear 2 part epoxy and fill the top part of the hole underneath. Most epoxy will dry to handle in 20-30min.

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