Bob Herbert's Op-Ed.TV: The Future of Driverless Cars with Jamie Lincoln Kitman

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We hear a lot about driverless cars. They’re going to reduce accidents and save lives. They’ll ease congestion and reduce harmful emissions. And they’ll get you to your destination while you’re playing video games, or watching a movie or catching a nap in the back seat. What’s not to like? Well, what happens if the computer operating your driverless car is hacked? And how well will these marvelous autonomous cars and trucks perform on badly-paved roads that are not clearly marked? Or when traffic lights are not properly functioning? Or when something truly unexpected occurs – like a car careening across a highway divide and approaching head-on, or violent criminal activity. Bob takes a look at the pros and cons of driverless vehicles with guest Jamie Lincoln Kitman, a lawyer and the New York bureau chief for Automobile Magazine. (Taped 04-11-2017)

Bob Herbert's Op-Ed.TV is a weekly half-hour program featuring interviews with significant men and women from a variety of fields: officeholders and activists, economists, labor leaders, writers and artists. Herbert, a longtime journalist and former columnist for The New York Times, takes a close look each week at a compelling contemporary issue. He elicits personal stories and insights into the character of each guest, revealing not just what they believe about a particular issue, but why they believe it.

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