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Clay soil areas are very prevalent in Middle Tennessee and Southwestern Kentucky. This type of soil is like a sponge. It shrinks when it is dry, and expands when it is wet. That soil movement exerts an enormous pressure against your home's foundation, and overtime, the walls begin to bow or crack.
Horizontal and stair step cracks in block walls, and sudden vertical cracks in poured walls are signs of foundation failure.
Foundation problems never get better on their own. The longer you take to address them, the more expensive and difficult will be the solution.
Frontier Basement Systems is your local Foundation Supportworks dealer providing state-of-the-art technologies to fix bowing and cracking walls in all types of foundations.
Wall anchors, wall braces and carbon-fiber reinforced wall stabilization systems can successfully stop walls from bowing and in some cases even push the wall back into its original position.
If you are concerned about your home's structural integrity, give Frontier Basement Systems a call, for a Free In-Home inspection, and let them help you secure one of your most valuable assets: your home!

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