Buying an Abandoned House in Japan — for Free?


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Abandoned Houses in Japan are everywhere, about 13.5% of all the homes in the country so the Akiya Bank is here to help fill those empty houses and it’s open to foreigners too. Kobayashi in Miyazaki is a great place to live for those looking to rent a home— for a free home?!

Contracts are for 5 years! They are super cheap, as low as $250-300 / month
You need to have the proper visa, income, make a commitment to be a resident of the town. You have to pay taxes and utilities. After the contract is up, you can try to purchase the home from the family that owns the land or the city at a reasonable price. This is a great way for new families to leave the cities for more natural areas of Japan and save money / build a life in a new community.

▶︎ Questions / Info in English? Kobayashi city has staff to help and you can write then in English or French.

Where is Kobayashi? Kobayashi, Miyazaki
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