China, EU agree to strengthen trade relationship


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Chinese Premier Li Keqiang told his European Union hosts on April 9 that China was committed to offer 'equal treatment' to Western companies and was ready to address the issue of state subsidies.

Speaking after an annual EU-China leaders' meeting in Brussels, Li said he hoped Brussels and Beijing would sign a 'high-quality China-Europe agreement' before the end of 2020.

Marking a significant shift, Li's pledge at the annual EU-China leaders meeting follows similar offers to the United States and potentially signals an opening that European companies have long lobbied for.

Calling the outcome of the meeting a 'breakthrough,' summit chair Donald Tusk welcomed the fact that China had agreed to engage in discussions on reform of World Trade Organization (WTO) rules and industrial subsidies.

Tusk also said human rights were 'as important as economic interests' and called for the EU and China to engage on a dialogue on the matter, highlighting 'serious concerns' from the European side.

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