Chinese Drama "A Great Wall"(with English subtitles)


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When a Silicon Valley Chinese American executive goes back to his homeland of China for the first time in 30 years, he and his family encounter many culture clashes between the lives that they lead in the United States and the lives of their relatives in China. The finale of the movie includes an exciting table tennis match involving the Chinese-American son played by Kelvin Han Yee.

Acclaimed film critic Roger Ebert from the Chicago-Sun Times awarded the film with 3 out of 4 stars and wrote of the film saying "A Great Wall is a human comedy about a Chinese-American family that goes to visit relatives in Peking, and within that simple premise are so many inspirations that the movie is interesting even when it's just looking at things." and went on to say "The chief pleasure of "A Great Wall" is its observation of the different attitudes toward the daily process of living in China and the United States."

Director: Peter Wang
Writers: Shirley Sun, Peter Wang
Stars: Peter Wang, Sharon Iwai, Kelvin Han Yee

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