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This video shows how to configure cisco rv042 dual wan vpn router. The Cisco RV042 Dual WAN VPN Router is a affordable, highly secure, high-performance for small business network.

It is known as dual wan router because it has two wan port in which we can connect two internet connection. These internet connection can be used as a failover or smart link backup for continous internet connectivity. In failover or smart link backup only single internet is used second internet is set to backup. When first internet goes down then this cisco router automatically switch to second internet connection.

These internet can also be used in load balancing means we can use two internet connection simultaneously. The cisco rv042 router automatically balance the internet traffice.

It is also knows as vpn router, we can create 50 vpn tunnels. I have two internet connection, connected to wan1 & wan2 interface of the cisco router. In this video tutorial I will configure cisco rv042 dual wan vpn router for failover for continous internet connectivity.

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