Doing Business in China (4/6/10)


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Doing Business in China: For Better or Worse

Dan Harris, International Lawyer; Author, China Law Blog
David Gorodyansky, CEO and Co-founder, AnchorFree Inc.
George Koo, Ph.D., Special Advisor, Deloitte China Services Group; Member, Committee of 100
Jeff Richards, Partner, GGV Capital
Edith Yeung, Founder, BizTechDay
Quentin Hardy, National Editor, Forbes - Moderator

Economic Smackdown

Googles recent struggle with China over censorship has raised the possibility that China's regulatory regime may be too restrictive for the free operation of American technology companies. HBS's February review of the Google/China skirmish says that "the Google issue has become a cause celebre that exacerbates the already fragile and festering U.S.-China relationship." Is it worth it for American businesses to acquiesce to the Chinese governments control and censorship requests in order to operate in Chinas ever-growing market? What do the Chinese people think about their government's censorship of information technology? How will American tech companies survive in Chinas Internet environment? Experts and insiders weigh in.

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