Dutch Inifinity Headband Braid by Erin Balogh


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This is a video about how to do a Dutch Infinity (or Figure 8) Lace Headband Braid (to be technical ????). It is a more complicated braid but I have tried to give a lot of detail in this video about how to do it successfully:) As I have learned to do Dutch Infinity braids I find that they are easier to do if my two main strands (which you 'wind' the "Infinity" strand around) are as thick as possible. When the "Infinity" strand becomes much thicker than the two main strands, it becomes harder. A couple other tips: keep "cinching" up the braid as you go and keep it tight; try to position the braid over the part line as you braid; and use a spray bottle to wet the hair down as you go to help with flyaways ???? I really love the look of this braid as a headband ???? Have fun with this one! XOXO Erin

Links to products I used:
Hot Iron Holster (silicone hot tool holder) https://goo.gl/cdAQam
The Beachwaver Curling Iron https://goo.gl/LCFpgr
The Wet Brush https://goo.gl/nzFJmi

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