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Power String Load - EGO's new 56-Volt Cordless 15" Auto-Wind String Trimmer with Carbon Fiber Shaft is the first string trimmer with an auto-wind head, but what does that mean for you?  Is it important to you that you can load the line by just feeding in line pushing a button?  We took a close look at this head to determine if the reliability is worth the simplicity of feeding trimmer line. More on this later.

The new EGO String Trimmer also has a Carbon Fiber Shaft with a lifetime warranty.  What is Carbon Fiber and why do I want it on my string trimmer?  First, Carbon Fiber is produced with carbon atoms that are bonded together in crystals that are more or less aligned parallel to the long axis of the fiber.  This crystal alignment gives the fiber high strength-to-volume ratio.  Several thousand carbon fibers are bundled together to form a tow, which may be used by itself or woven into a fabric.  What you see on the handle of the EGO string trimmer is a carbon fiber fabric made into a tube.  This use has several advantages including high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, high-temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion.  The carbon fiber shaft makes the two piece shaft very stiff with the only real point of breakage being the aluminum joint in the middle.  The way it is constructed, it will never bend!  NOTE:  You can buy this string trimmer, online only, with a one-piece Carbon Fiber shaft so you won't have an aluminum joint.

EGO ST1520S Features
Auto-wind head, load your line, push a button and go
Carbon fiber shaft with a lifetime warranty
15 cutting swath
Comes with Dual-feed spiral twist 0.095 in. line
Hi-efficiency brushless motor
Variable speed control
5-year limited warranty
Auto-Wind Head
EGO did more to the head of this unit than just make it auto-wind the string.  When you take a good look at the head, there is a disk on the bottom that will spin independently of the head.  This disk is made of metal and allows for the bump feed action to happen with little wear on the head, but also making the bump feed very smooth.  Most string trimmers have a plastic bottom that will quickly show wear from bump feeding the string.  Clearly, the goal in doing this was to make a long-lasting trimmer head that will not wear on the bottom.  Inside the head, there are two spools that hold line independently for each side of the head.  The head is easy to disassemble and could be would manually pretty easily if there was ever an issue with the auto-wind.

The auto-wind feature is easy to use and works similar to many of the manual feed heads on the market.  Cut off 15 feet of your favorite line, feed the line through one of the eyes on the side of the head until it comes out the other side.  Grab the line and pull an equal amount out on each side of the head, then push the button and watch the line feed into the head on its own.  There will be some noises as the line feeds and you are able to start and stop feeding the line when you want by letting off the button and pushing it again.  A very simple concept that is easy and convenient.  We like this feature, but we were skeptical in the beginning.  The fact that we can load line manually if this were to fail is important!

With any battery operated string trimmer, power is important to us.  This new EGO string trimmer has the brushless motor located in the head of this unit and provides great power.  It does not have the same power as the multi-head unit EGO makes, but it is very close.  We were able to trim 12-16 inch grass without issue or without a time-out from the motor.

EGO's string trimmer is priced great for all the features and it is built to last.  We don't think you can find a comparable gas unit on the market in the price range.  This is another great product from EGO.  If you are worried about moving over to a battery-powered trimmer, try this unit out.  It will quickly change your mind and let you know that battery powered outdoor power equipment is the future and they are up to par now.

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