EKSA Telecom H1 Review (Bluetooth headset)


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A review of the EKSA Telecom H1 Bluetooth headset.

EKSA is a well known brand for gaming headsets, using their experience in this area they have produced headsets for commercial use. The EKSA Telecom H1 is their first single ear Bluetooth headset. Offering Active Noise Cancelling, 30 metre wireless coverage and dual device connection.

Purchase link:
EKSA H1 - UK (with 10% OFF Coupon now): https://www.amazon.co.uk/EKSA-H1-Microphone-Cancelling-Headphones-Black/dp/B09D3P941Z/
EKSAtelecom Reseller: https://www.eksatelecom.net/pages/become-our-reseller
Official website: https://www.eksatelecom.com/products/eksa-h1-bluetooth-headset

0:00 Introduction
0:28 What’s in the box
0:35 Design
0:58 Buttons and Controls
1:28 Microphones
1:42 Comfort
2:15 Connectivity
2:55 Sound & Microphone Quality
3:22 Battery Life
3:37 Summary
4:29 Outro

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UK SKU’s: £32.00p
Part Number: EKSA H1

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