Energy Privatisation is Bankrupting Britain


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A video about the energy crisis, privatization and profiteering.

Written, directed and presented by Tom Nicholas.
Edited by Georgia Burrows.


0:00 The Energy Crisis in the UK
05:42 Part 1: Maggie Thatcher, Energy Snatcher
12:53 Part 2: Supply Guys
22:37 Part 3. The Generation Game
28:19 Nebula!
31:25 Part 4: Poles, Pipes & Proft
38:28 Part 5: Price Wars
46:17 Part 6: The Case for Nationalisation


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Britain is in crisis. A cost of living crisis. And, in particular, an energy crisis. Since 2020, the typical UK energy bill has risen by 400%. And many are having to choose between heating and eating.

Some of this is the result of global oil prices which have spiked since the beginning of 2022. But, much of it is the result of much longer-term trends which and, in turn, the product of a radical experiment the country undertook starting in the 1980s.

Under the leadership of Margaret Thatcher (and, later, John Major), the UK began selling-off the entirety of its energy infrastructure to the private investors. Beginning with British Gas in the 1986 and continuing with the electricity supply industry in the 1990s, every part of the UK’s energy supply system has been handed over to corporations whose primary motivation is the accumulation of profit.

This is the story of how energy privatisation bankrupted Britain.

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