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More than 57 thousand times, EPB crews have pulled up to homes across the Tennessee Valley ready to install fiber optic service since 2009. Today it's the Callaway home where fast internet made the decision easy to come on board. aThat was a really big drawing point for us to come in," Bonnie Callaway says.

The speed capability of EPB's internet continues to draw national attention to the publically-owned utility, which is billed as the fastest available for residential customers at one gigabit per second.

The tiny wires inside the Callawayas ONT box are powered by the same fiber that controls their smart power meter, the reason EPB fought to get into fiber in the first place..

The smart grid is really what drove us to go into data services,a says EPBas Corporate Technical Consultant Shane Sexton. aThe ability to react in real time on an electric grid fiber enabled us to see that information coming in really quickly."

So the same network that keeps storms from knocking out power to thousands of homes at one time makes customers internet lightning fast.

The Callaways are now one of about 1,000 new customers that connect to EPB every month, buying in to their smart service that keeps Chattanooga on the map of cutting-edge creations.

Click here to visit EPB's website and learn more about their fiber optics service.

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