FAQ: Nokia 7 Plus | Most frequent asked Questions answered


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FAQ: Nokia 7 Plus | Most frequent asked Questions answered
Cyberport: https://goo.gl/TK3LvA
Link Google Pixel camera port: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=76235335&postcount=3541

01.15 Does it have a notification led, fm radio?
01:52 Is the weak speaker a deal breaker?
02:16 What about the headphone jack?
02:55 Is it what many hoped it would be?
05:07 What are the best alternatives?
05:55 Nokia 8 or 7 Plus?
06:36 LG G6 or Nokia 7 Plus?
07:06 Xiaomi Mi Note 3 or Nokia 7 Plus?
07:38 Samsung Galaxy A8 or Nokia 7 Plus?
07:57 Can I get something similar but cheaper w/o too many compromises?
08:42 Is the Pixel cam port the better choice?
13:18 Final Words
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