Frontier Communications 52 minute audio of how bad their business ethics are.

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This is the full 52 minute conversation. I have broken down the audio to the times that are the most damning for Frontiers unethical business practices. The last 9 minutes I unfortunately readjusted the microphone and this made it where you can barely hear the supervisor , but you can hear me requoting what she is saying. Below is the letter I wrote to the Presidents office with the exception of I took out emplyoees names.
I was quoted a new billing charge of $122.98 on 11/29/2016 confirm # 65527190, never got changed, called again 1/20/2017 quoted new price again confirm# 66194223, never got changed. Ended up with bill for past due $315.47 and regular bill for $609.49. Called on 3/27/2017 (recorded 52 minute conversation, legal in Texas by the way, as long as 1 person knows and I just happen to be that 1 person). At 29:20 minutes your person CONFIRMS new price was established for both of the above confirmations. Around 41 minutes I get a new EXTORTION quote for $143.98 (why would I think this would go thru, just like the other 2 confirms never went thru. Just another ploy to get me off the phone and not have to deal with me anymore and then I have to call back and talk to someone else next month who would have to listen to me and not give a shit either). Now the best part of the recording @ 43:40 I get the supposed Supervisor, She tells me Frontier "DOES NOT HONOR BAD QUOTES" and that "no quoted numbers" were ever written down on either one of the above 2 confirmation numbers. PLEASE SEE ABOVE AT THE 29:20 MARK. Now here is the icing on the cake, she then proceeds to give me a quote of $168.96.,WOULD SHE HONOR THIS? I believe this would be a bad quote also.

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