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Thanks to Frontier Communications not caring about their long time, loyal customers, this has to be our last vlog. We need a new main line buried, about a 1/2 mile's worth, and they absolutely refuse. Nobody on our road has service after a lightning strike on July 23, 2017 and they never will again. We were told by the Frontier technician to cancel our service because Frontier only cares about Florida, California and Texas...NOT Michigan! Public wifi in Onaway is also all Frontier, and it takes 11 hours to upload a vlog. I cannot spend all day, everyday sitting in Subway trying to upload. What kind of vlog material would that be anyway, me always sitting in Subway? There are no other internet providers around (we cannot have something that's limited), so we have no choice but to give up vlogging. This is our last video. We are desperately hoping that someday a good, unlimited internet service provider becomes available in our area, but that could take years, or never happen at all. Until then, we are forced to say goodbye, even though we hate to. We deeply apologize for Frontier's lack of caring about their customers. If you ever end up considering getting Frontier Communications, DON'T!!!!

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