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****Update 6/2018: after multiple visits, modems, phone calls, and a rewire, we finally have more stable service of 17 mb down, 0.5 up****

15 months of Frontier DSL, and the majority of it has been "loss of signal, reconnect, loss of signal, reconnect" or not functioning at all. 1 min, 28 seconds in to the video is the first disconnect/reconnect.

3 min, 30 seconds in is the next disconnect/reconnect

This is a video showing exactly what it is doing, since dozens of Frontier's "Phone Techs" don't understand, we've had 3 different field techs replace 3 walljacks, dozens of line tests, etc. We're on our 2nd modem (would be 3rd, but they couldn't get it to work for an unknown reason).
Modem is the Actiontec F2250

Reached out to reporter Jennifer Lewke after seeing her 12/19/16 broadcast on News10NBC from Rochester, NY. She reached out to Frontier, and we received an email from a Bill Carpenter, Director of Operations from Rochester NY. He advised he would reach out to a George Meskowski, the Director of Operations for MN. That was Jan 1st, 2017. As of the 6th, we still have no word.

Every day from around 9am until 4pm, the modem works fine, most of the time. May and December 2016 we had little to no service at all with over 2,000 disconnects or no service at all. Otherwise, 17 hours a day it's "on, off, on, off, on, off" and no resolution nor real answer as to what is happening.

The email came from [email protected]

I have sent him a copy of this video.

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