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Overall I've been reasonably happy with our Frontier FIOS it which is a fiber to the house internet supposed to be 30 up 30 down. However lately it's been periods where it looks like cuts out doesn't do anything I have the psych XL modem and it's the HLA 3000 Series. I thought the problem might have been my router and since I'm doing a lot of work from my house and have kids streaming and whatnot I went ahead and got a high-end Linksys high performance router. The crappy one that Frontier gave me I had to keep rebooting it all the time and the repair guy since I had just gotten the service setup he told me all the modems A supplier pretty much junk and to get a better one. So I'm not a complete gear head but I don't know where the breakdown is coming I think it's probably with the frontier service itself I'm going to check around with some neighbors but this shows what kind of issues I'm having. The only other equipment that is in between me and the internet drops that they have in the area is that little modem that goes in front of the router of course the wiring they installed and then some sort of a fiber converter device in my garage.

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