God of War: Unlimited XP Trick (God of War 4 - GoW 2018)

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How to get unlimited XP with this trick in God of War 4 (2018). By fulfilling the Gold: Parry 100 Attacks objective in the Labors: Quick Reflexes under Goals tab, you can get 3500 XP. However, you can get an infinite number of XP Points by doing it after the game has autosave your progress at 99 Parry Enemy Attacks. Then what you would do is reload the last check save right after you have gotten the 3500 XP. Your total XP (EXP or Experience) will still accumulate, but Gold reward resets and you still get 99 parry to do all over again. Repeat process for endless XP generation in GoW 4. The God of War GOALS provide rewards, and parrying attacks with your shield is the easiest way to get XP quickly. Once you have gotten enough XP Points, you can go to Skills to upgrade your Axe and Shield for special moves and better stats. Make sure you do it right after loading the checkpoint (so you can still redo the unlimited XP trick when you need more XP). Gameplay walkthrough on PlayStation 4 Pro version of God of War (2018).

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