Google Wifi Unboxing and Setup on Verizon FiOS

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This is an unboxing and setup of the new Google Wifi - 2016
All the steps work for any setup situation, with the additional information needed to work with verizon fios.

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Inside the box you will find the google wifi unit itself, some quick start information and buried underneath are the ethernet and power cables. The power cable is integrated into the adapter and uses a USB Type-C connection.
Max output is 3 amps. Since that is the max output over USB Type-C, it wouldn’t surprise me if you can use a standard Type-C to C cable with an appropriately powered charger.

The ethernet cable is of a slim ribbon design. I find that feature very attractive in a cable.

If your modem and router are separate, then you can skip this step, however, if you are using a Verizon FiOS router and have television service you must first tinker in the router settings.

Login to your verizon router by opening a browser and going to this this address. - If that doesn’t work then try these:,, etc.

If you do not know your login then it will probably be the default user name and password:
Username: admin
Login: admin

Head over to wireless settings on the top left, then select basic security settings on the left navigation column. Here you must turn wireless off and scroll down to save your settings. You will now loose wifi connection and you are done with the Verizon stuff.

Note: Plugging the unit in without disabling the fios router's wireless setting caused an issue. Disabling that setting is required. Disabling DHCP auto address allocation also cause some unwarranted issues. For now, I have left that setting on, rather than allocating addresses manually.

Go ahead and plug your ethernet cable into one of the available LAN ports in the back of your verizon router. Connect the other end to the left most port on your google wifi and plug in the power cable.

Install and open the Google Wifi app from the play store. Give it time to locate the device and follow the on screen prompts. Scan the QR code or manually type in the information that is on the bottom of the Google WiFi unit. When checking the internet connection, it may fail, retry until it works. For a custom location name, scroll down to the bottom. Enter your desired SSID and password.

Connecting to the network may fail here as well because of the talks between the Verizon router and this unit. Just retry until it is completed. Continue through the process and wait a bit for everything to settle. After a few minutes all will work perfectly.

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