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Next in our Japan travel series we're sharing the top highlights of our week in Tokyo! More travel info and details about our likes and dislikes of the biggest city in the world are in the description below :)

1.Tokyo Capsule Hotel
We spent a few nights at a capsule hotel in Shinjuku called 9 Hours and would recommend it if you're looking to experience sleeping in a pod but with modern amenities. The catch is that males and females are on separate floors and you have to check out each day but it was good for our budget and we really enjoyed it: https://goo.gl/Y3Gia5

2. Arcades in Japan
We spent several hours at the arcades in Tokyo after Justin and Wes discovered their new favourite game: Mai Mai. You'll find arcades throughout the country but we found there are SO many in Tokyo and it's definitely worth a visit to experience the unique arcade culture of Japan.

3. Tokyo Beers
It's no secret that we're both beer fans and we enjoyed trying different Japanese beers. Kirin City is the name of a bar we ate/drank at in the Shinjuku neighbourhood with friendly, knowledgeable staff and great beer.

4. Karaoke in Japan
One of our favourite things to do in Tokyo was our karaoke night. For around $25 per person, we enjoyed an hour of all-you-can-drink karaoke in costume. It was honestly so much fun!

5. Free Views of Tokyo
There are so many places to enjoy views of the Tokyo skyline but we had our eyes set on the FREE observation deck at the Tokyo Government Building. Visit on a clear day for better views: https://goo.gl/pJf7YW

6. Tokyo's Shibuya Crossing
Considered to be one of the busiest intersections in the world, it was amazing to see Shibuya Crossing during rush hour. Hundreds of people are crossing all at once and it definitely gives you a sense of how busy Tokyo is.

7. Japanese Traditions and Modern City Life
One thing we found to be really unique in Tokyo is how well the city integrates the important cultural traditions with modern technology. There is such a wide range of offerings in the city from lunch out of a vending machine to the traditions and rituals we witnessed at the temples in Tokyo.

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