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ShenZhen HiSpider Telecom Technology Co.,Ltd started R&D and manufacturing for mobile phone LCD since 2012, we supply high quality mobile phone screens for repair stores and furbishing market. Hispider provide OEM/ODM service, we would like to follow your exact special requirement and work out your customized products. All HiSpider's main engineers over 6 years R&D experience. HiSpider's strategic supply partner includes BOE, CSOT, Tianma, Synopsys and Focal, we always keep the fastest product development to catch the latest market!

HiSpider always strive to provide a wide range of mobile phones screen assembly,we have total 5 types:

1.Soft OLED-FHD+;

2.Hard OLED-FHD+;

3. LTPS InCell LCD-FHD+;

4. Premium Plus TFT LCD (α-Si LCD Panel)-HD+;

5. Premium TFT LCD (α-Si LCD Panel)-HD

HiSpider has total 9 automatic production line for mobile phone screen assemble at present: 3 line for Soft and Hard OLED screens, 6 lines for InCell screens, about 1 million pieces output per month.To assure high production efficiency and standard quality, we make all production process automatically, including whole Backlight producing, COG, FOG and Pin soldering ,all process also finished in closed processing box to guarantee supeiror dust-free production environment.

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