How to Connect Fiber Optic Cables

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You work as the IT Administrator for a growing corporate network. You are in the process of creating an iSCSI storage area network (SAN) on the CorpiSCSI server. The server is currently connected to the network using an Ethernet cable. To increase the server's performance, you have decided to replace the existing Ethernet connection with a fiber optic connection.

Your task in this lab is to do the following:

• Connect the CorpiSCSI server to the switch using the appropriate fiber optic cable.
◦ Examine the port types on the switch.
◦ Examine the server's fiber optic NIC.
• When connecting the server, use the color coding on the end of the fiber optic cable to identify the Tx and Rx connection ends.
◦ Connector A (red) is Tx.
◦ Connector B (black) is Rx.
• Remove the server's previous Ethernet network connection and place the Ethernet cable on the Shelf.
• Verify that the server is connected to the network through the fiber optic connection.

When connecting fiber optic cables, the transmit (Tx) port on one device is connected to the receive (Rx) port on the other device. The fiber cables in this lab have already had their Rx and Tx connectors switched as necessary. If needed, view component information in the Details window on the Specification tab.

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