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A lot of people blame their awful DSL internet on their ISP, when in reality it is most likely your equipment and line run. In this video I will give you the tips and tricks to improve your DSL line quality to maintain a solid sync and lower CRC errors. I'm in the country, in rural Ohio on CenturyLink (ex-Embarq) fed by a remote DSLAM 10Mbps ADSL2+. DSL is a very sensitive thing, anything can interfere with it and effect your internet speed and reliability. In this video I will discuss the following topics.
1) The Modem
I've used every modem CenturyLink/Embarq have thrown my way. The vast majority of them, even the ones people loved over on DSL Reports, are complete junk. I've used the Westell 7500, Actiontec PK5001A, Zyxel C1100Z, 2Wire 2701HG-S, etc. Out of my experience on an ADSL2+ circuit with an Infineon chipset based DSLAM the 2Wire 2701HG-S is far superior to any other modem. It's build quality and internal shielding is first-rate compared to the shitty others. The Zyxel C1100Z was the next best, but build quality wise it fucking sucks and even on the latest firmware, every power reset it completely loses it's configuration settings. The Westell 7500 was the WORST modem. If you're unable to get your hands on a 2Wire, the 2nd best option would be the good ol' Embarq Zyxel 660 modem. People say the 2Wire cannot bridge, or that it can but you cannot bypass NAT. This is complete bullshit and the 2wire can bridge EXCELLENTLY and bypass NAT, firewall, etc.
2) The Power
Your modem can recieve interfernce over the power lines. Do NOT put the modem on a circuit that contains appliances or anything with a motor, such as a washer, treadmil, power tools, etc. You can also mitigate interfernce over the powerline by getting a 3mm ferrit core and put 1-2 inch above the RECIVEING end of the DC power cable going to the modem and any other networking equipment.
3) The Telephone Line
Run a "home run" line straight from your telephone NID to the modem using CAT 5E STP RJ11 cable. Place the modem as CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to the NID, preferably right inside the wall from it and keep the cable run very minimal. Do NOT use any phone filter dongles or splitters at all. If you do have landline phone service, get a dedicated line for the DSL circuit and isolate both lines at the NID. If you don't have landline phone service anymore, disconnect EVERY telephone cable from the NID except your DSL homerun line.
4) The Location
Keep the modem far away from TVs, appliances, power lines, LED lights, etc. isolate it. If it doesn't have a good RF can inside it, place the modem in a faraday cage. Locate sources of RF interfernce using a little portable AM radio. If you are using a UPS to power the modem, keep the UPS far away from the modem as they are very noisy and radiate a lot of nastiness.
I will discuss each topic and more in depth in the video. If you have additonal questions please leave a comment.
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