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This video shows an overview of how to install the Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi System.

First, unplug the power to your current modem or gateway and remove any backup batteries. Use the included white ethernet cable to connect the Orbi router to your gateway and plug in the power. Your Orbi router will pulse white and then become solid. Now, take the Orbi satellite to a central location in your home. Plug in the satellite and it should also pulse white until a connection to the Orbi router is established.

If the Satellite has a strong connection, it will light BLUE and then turn off. If there is a weak connection, it will light AMBER. Move the Satellite closer to the router and try again. If the Satellite lights MAGENTA, the connection was unsuccessful and you need to move the Satellite closer to the router. To attempt to connect the Satellite and Router again, press the sync button on the back of both units.

Once the Orbi system is connected and properly placed, grab your mobile device and connect to the Orbi network with the default network name and password printed on the bottom of the router.

Navigate to on your web browser. Follow the instructions and the Orbi will confirm you are connected to the internet. Now click 'next' to detect the Orbi Satellite. This may take some time. Once the satellite is detected, click 'setup' to configure.

You'll then be prompted to change the default username and password for your admin credentials if you'd like. Continue to change your wireless network name and password. Continue to follow the instructions to complete configuration. Your Orbi network should now be ready to power your home!

This Video will help with any confusion regarding the process to get this setup done quickly and easily.

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