How to Meet Men If You’re Over 50

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Step 1: Hang out at the hardware store
Start hanging out at the local hardware or home improvement store. Many men, especially retirees, do their own home repair.

Go to the hardware store alone. A single woman in a hardware store stands out.

Step 2: Take up golfing
Start going to the driving range, especially on an early Saturday morning. Most golfers at that hour are retired men over 50.

Step 3: Let others know you are looking
Get the word out that you’re looking -- everyone likes to be a matchmaker.

Step 4: Strike up conversations with others
Practice striking up conversations in the grocery store, post office, bagel shop, or gym.

Keep conversations positive -- men get turned off when women talk about their ex-husbands or boyfriends, especially if it is negative.

Step 5: Buy new clothes
Jazz up your wardrobe with new, sexy clothes that flatter your figure. Don’t buy what your granddaughters or daughters tell you -- wear what makes you comfortable.

Step 6: Try online dating
Try online dating -- there aren’t many online daters over 50, but this medium continues to grow. Plus, it's a good chance to brush up on those computer skills.

Did You Know?
According to research conducted in 2007, singles 50 and over are the fastest-growing group of online daters.

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