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I prefer getting instagram instead of a phone number for a few reasons.
First, girls will always share instagram, even in the first minute, so it's a good way to make sure you at least have contact if she jumps on a train or gets pulled away by friends unexpectedly.
Second, it's an easy way to "qualify her" basically you look at her photos and comment how cool her life is and how impressed you are with her. This is an easier way to come up with conversation topics and build comfort when just normal speaking is difficult.
Third, if you have spent the time to make your Instagram very nice, it's a way for her to learn so much about you that would be difficult to say. It can be an instant demonstration of value if you have pictures with cool people at cool places around the world. You can show her what a cool lifestyle you have. Be sure to re touch every photo before posting. I use the free app snapseed.
4th, when you are looking at her photos, it's an easy excuse to come sit next to her in case you messed up earlier and are sitting across from her, and even if you are sitting next to her, you can see how we will end up closer to each other once we start looking at photos together.

***IMPORTANT. If you notice she has 3000 or more followers on instagram already, be sure to get her what's app or phone number ASAP so that you don't get lost in a sea of other useless chodes DMing her.

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