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In this video, you will learn how does OTDR works and how you can use OTDR to find losses in Optic fiber cable?
Here, in the video, you can see an example of #Fibershot #Mini #OTDR, working features and how you can use it to test your optical fiber cable losses.


Optical Time Domain Reflectometer OTDR, which are of the same character, as is evident from the way of food fiber. OTDR is equivalent to about optical time domain reflectometer electronic. The optical fiber for introducing a series of pulses that has been tested and pulled away from the ends of the fibers dispersed (rare muscle) on one side or reflecting fiber. Light setae scattered to the report itself. The fear here is the amount of time equivalent to an electronic control motions come out of consideration established through Zen. The length of the fiber in accordance with the pulsation of which at the time is measured by his strength he hurled it be an integral function.
Maintaining a reliable fiber factory is also important to protect your critical applications. As a network administrator, it is important to understand how to get the most out of your investment in cable networks and how to quickly solve problems when this happens.
Enhanced or fiber level 2 certification complements Tier 1 tests with the inclusion of an end-to-end OTDR optical time domain reflectometer. OTDR trace is a graphical signature of fiber attenuation with its length, which provides an overview of the performance of the connecting components (cable, connectors and splices) and the quality of the installation by inspection. OTDR tracks uniformity. The most advanced devices can provide easy-to-understand event maps and loss amounts for individual components, as well as links.
OTDR tracing is used to identify individual events that often cannot be seen when performing loss / duration tests (level 1). The fiber test demonstrates that the performance and quality of the installation correspond to projects and guarantees for current and future applications. ,
Linking bi-directional fiber lines to test level 2 (OTDR) is required not only by industry standards and most manufacturers for warranty, it is also the only way to learn the actual total link loss. In fact, measuring the loss of connectors and fiber splitters, as well as the overall loss of links, depends on the direction of the test.

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