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Rahul and Modi are the most famous duo in the country. (with the exception of Hardik Pandya, and KL Rahul, of course) They are the two greatest stand-up comedians this country has produced, (sorry Mamta didi!) and are the fiercest of rivals. But what if the two of them were roommates? Check out what would happen in our fresh new video.

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Cast – RJ Ravi Shankar Jha, Ranender Kumar Jain, Dheerej Ganesh, Shubham Kharat, Niladri Banerjee, Siddharth,

BI Channel Head – Mayank Yadav

Creative Director – Kaviraj Singh

Director – Rupam Bagish

Concept – Mayank Yadav

Writers – Shubham Kharat, Mayank Yadav

Additional Writers – BI Team

DOP – Alpesh Nagar

Creative Producer – Shubham Kharat

Dressmen – Alim Shaikh

Editor – Rony D’souza

Assistant Director – Piyush Sharma

Motion Graphics – Rhusabh Waghela

Art Director – Saugata Mandal

DI Colorist – Amit Mishra

Music – Ankur Srivastava and Joel D'Souza

Production Head – Vinay Iyer

Production Manager – Nirbhay Kumar

Design – Kapish Karnani & Vishal Bhandari

Audience Development – Twinkle Sancheti

Social Media Team – Nikhiti Kini and Oshin Krishnatrey

Spot – Inder and Narad

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Date Added: 2019-04-12

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