If someone puts a PLASTIC BOTTLE on your TIRE, call the police IMMEDIATELY ????????


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Have you ever seen a bottle on a car tire? - Here I show you what that means!

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Maybe you've also seen a bottle stuck in a car tire and thought nothing of it? Then you should look closer in the future when you see this! Because this is a tactic that thieves use.

They wedge the bottle between the tires, usually on the passenger side, so you don't see it when you get in the car. Then you drive off and hear a loud noise that worries you. So you get out to see where the noise is coming from.

In doing so, you usually leave your valuables in the open car or maybe even your keys in the ignition. During this time, thieves can take the chance and steal your valuables or even directly your whole car.

Therefore, you should definitely pay attention and make other people aware if a bottle is stuck in their tire!

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