India Alert || New Episode 189 || Izzat Ka Sauda ( इज्जत का सौदा ) || इंडिया अलर्ट Dangal TV


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India Alert || New Episode 189 || Izzat Ka Sauda ( इज्जत का सौदा ) || इंडिया अलर्ट Dangal TV
देखिए हर रात 10 बजे... सिर्फ #दंगल पर... जुर्म के खिलाफ आवाज
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India Alert Episode 189 Izzat Ka Sauda
This episode of India Alert portrays the story of a village where girls are traded in the name of tradition. This story is about the bond between the siblings, Pari and her step brother Veer were very close to each other. But Veer was scared that his parents would trade Pari as well, as a part of their tradition. He was not convinced with it and didn't let it happen. But their parents were greedy for money and took advantage of the time when Veer had gone out of the village to earn money for few days and they traded her. Veer comes to know about this but what will he do now? To find out, stay tuned !

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