India Alert || New Episode 191 || Vidhwa Aur NRI ( विधवा और NRI ) || इंडिया अलर्ट Dangal TV


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India Alert || New Episode 191 || Vidhwa Aur NRI ( विधवा और NRI ) || इंडिया अलर्ट Dangal TV
देखिए हर रात 10 बजे... सिर्फ #दंगल पर... जुर्म के खिलाफ आवाज
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India Alert Episode 191 Vidhwa Aur NRI
This episode of India alert brings to you the story of an NRI man Rohit who was visiting India for his education purpose but was tricked and looted. When he came to India, a Pandit had suggested him to rent a house and a lady named Usha had some free space who could give it out for rent. He considered this suggestion and rented the available space. Usha and her brother-in-law thought that Rohit must be rich and had a lot of money. They thought of taking his advantage and started conspiring against him. They both execute their plan and gradually succeed, then they steal his mobile phone and ATM card and conspires to murder him. Will both of them succeed? To find out, stay tuned !

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