Indian Defence Updates : BrahMos Range Increased,Russia China Su-57 Deal,Army Inducts 6 Dhanush


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Top 6 Latest Indian Defence News Headlines on today's "Indian Defence Updates" episode are as follows :

1. Stealth Allies : Russia Could Sell Its Su-57 Fighter To China. #FGFA
2. Indian Army gets first batch of 6 #Dhanush howitzers today.
3. Range of BrahMos Supersonic System to be increased to 310 miles = 500 Km Hyperonic #BrahMos .
4. Indian Navy Scouts for Global Partner for $5 Bn 12 Minesweeper Vessels Project.
5. India wants to know if US teams were at Pakistan Air bases : F-16
6. Indian Coast Guard Ship ICGS Veera gets ready for commissioning.


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