Indian Defence Updates : India Selects ATHOS 2052,Armed Predator Approved,Made In India SPICE-2000


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Top 6 Latest Indian Defence News Headlines on today's "Indian Defence Updates" episode are as follows :

1. Japanese F-35 Wreckage Found ! poses major security headache for US if it falls into Russian or Chinese hands.
2. Setback for Modi govt, SC says 'stolen' Rafale documents admissible in the court.
3. Elbit beats Nexter – to win Indian 155 mm 52 calibre towed system competition. #Athos
4. IAF to get #Apache helicopter for the first time ever. US Approves longbow radar.
5. Israeli Spice 2000 systems & lightening pods being made in India.
6. Armed UAV’s are on the table for India : USISPF official. #Predator


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