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■ AEROCITY, INDIA: A few kilometers from the Delhi's airport and before you hit the capital proper, a new development has sprung up called Aerocity. A miniature town which looks just like any modern American business district, this is by far India cleanest and most luxurious little town. Earnest & Young and a couple of dozen Western companies have offices here.

Apart from them there's quite a few restaurants here and all the famous hotel chains you're used to seeing in European and American cities. Seeing as I'd just flown into Delhi and didn't feel like going on a hotel hunt, I decided to set up shop here for the day and make Aerocity my home for the next 24 hours. So is this the India of the future, a clean orderly modern place? Who knows but fingers crossed for at least matching this place's efficiency. In the meantime, here's some footage of the streets, the restaurants, my hotel room and the rooftop swimming pool.

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