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Your all Energy blockages will be cleared in 3 days.

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."

It's difficult and a daily struggle to change our old ways of thinking, but keep pushing yourself to think positive. Always pause and re-assess your thoughts.
In this video, Louise Hay will impart her wisdom and enlighten us.
Take your time and express the self-love that you feel. When one has been in survival mode for an extended period of time, it takes time to recover and uncover oneself. Recognize that you are human and require a break. Realizing that after a favorable setback, you can emerge even stronger than before. You have value. Living in a state of constant vigilance against external threats and in a perpetual state of survival can be difficult. You deserve some time off because of this. These characteristics may be genuine or imagined, physiological or psychological, but to you they are real, and that should be what matters.

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