Jancovici : Can we save energy, jobs and growth at the same time ? 08/01/2018


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Jancovici's conference in ENS School of Paris - 08/01/2018

To download the Presentation : https://fr.slideshare.net/JoelleLeconte/jancovici-presentation-of-the-conference-can-we-save-energy-jobs-and-growth-at-the-same-time
The depletion of natural resources, with oil to start with, and the need for a stable climate, will make it harder and harder to pursue economic growth as we know it. It has now become urgent to develop a new branch of economics which does not rely on the unrealistic assumption of a perpetual GDP increase. In this Colloquium, I will discuss a "physical" approach to economics which aims at understanding and managing the scaling back of our world economy. Biography : Jean-Marc Jancovici, is a French engineer who graduated from École Polytechnique and Télécom, and who specializes in energy-climate subjects. He is a consultant, teacher, lecturer, author of books and columnist. He is known for his outreach work on climate change and the energy crisis. He is co-founder of the organization "Carbone 4" and president of the think tank "The Shift Project".

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