Japanese Donald Trump Commercialトランプ2016


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YuuuUUGE thanks to all the talented & lovely folks that helped me make this stupid thing out of the kindness of their hearts!! Check the full creds below #DonaldBless

Directed & edited by: Mike Diva
Shot by: Jan-Michael Losada
Starring: Chloe Doan

Produced by:
Mike Shafia

Music produced by: Mike Diva & Stephen Thomas

Mike Diva
Calvin Serrano (http://www.calvinreel.tk)
Tim Hendrix
Aaron Nelson-Purcell
Cody Vondell
Abi Laurel

Trump body: Tyler Hart

3d Trump head Model: Tomislav Veg

Japanese Translation: Mari Toyozumi

Japanese Voiceover work: Cristina Coppinger

Trump hand drawn Kawaii Art: Caitlyn Brisben

Treatment by: Mike Diva & Jan-Michael Losada

Art department: Mike Diva & Rico Orta

Special Thanks:
Alyssa Onofreo
Joshua Z Hernandez
Michelle Nguyen Bradley

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