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Jesse Cook - Double Dutch (Official Music Video)

Somehow I got it into my head that it would be fun to shoot the Double Dutch video myself, and use real kids skipping. Next thing I know I'm making a video with Heidi and many of her friends, both kids and grown-ups, all of whom are championship level skippers. Apart from being amazing skippers, they were also wonderful, generous people, and we had a blast taking over some unsuspecting schoolyard one warm summer evening.

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Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Jesse Cook

A big thank you to all the skippers, and their parents.

The Jump Rope Academy (Kawartha, Toronto):
Heidi Collins
Breagha LaPierre

Brampton Acro Ropers:
Kathleen O'Callaghan
Armaan Walani
Aislyn Marquis
Kayley Marquis
Jennifer Kirkland

Also, a big thank you to my band, Chendy, Dennis, Chris, and Nic, who shot their parts with me one afternoon as we were waiting for soundcheck.

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